Korean No. 1 Oven Roasted Goobne Chicken

For the past few years, Malaysians has been introduced to a wide range of Korean culture through K-Pop and Korean drama series. Through the strong influencing power of celebrities and delicious food, research has shown that Malaysians prefers Korean food over other cuisine choices in Malaysia.

It is evident that there is strong growth and demand for Korean Chicken in Malaysia. With over 1,000 outlets worldwide, join us to take advantage of this golden opportunity.

Goobne Chicken Concept
Goobne Chicken is Korea’s No.1 Oven Roasted Chicken which emphasizes on healthy K-Food concept. Our flavours and menu evolves with Korean trend and consumer demand. Our chicken is roasted without single drop of oil. Ideal for any age group and health conscious consumers.
Goobne Outlet Growth Worldwide

With over 1,000 outlets worldwide, our strong outlets growth is a strong evidence that our business model and system is a success.

Let’s grab this golden opportunity in the K-Food Industry

Proven demand and delicious food
Reasonable start up cost
Low overhead cost, high returns
Years of mature experience worldwide
Established SOP

We care for every licensing as our family member. A strong support system is given to ensure a successful operation.

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If you want the freedom of running your own business with all the support of joining a recognised network then a recognized network then Goobne might just be for you.

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